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Colverleaf Blanket Answer

Proven rapid and long lasting blanket weed treatment

2kg tub

Price £30 , email info@westerleighkoi.co.uk

NT Labs Koi Calm

Koi Calm is a gentle sedative designed to calm the fish down so that it can be handled easily for topical application of Ulcer Swab and Wound Seal. Using NT Labs Koi Care Koi Calm helps to slow the fish down, reduce stress and allow inspection and repair work to be carried out.

30 ml treats 300 litres (66 gallons)

Price £8, email info@westerleighkoi.co.uk

Colverleaf Blanket Answer

Proven rapid and long lasting blanket weed treatment

800g tub treats 2000 gallons

Price £15.00 (or 3 tubs for £43), email info@westerleighkoi.co.uk

Dai Suki - Filter Bac

Reduces Ammonia and Nitrite

Has been cultured for pond use, to aid establish or to re-establish a correct spectrum of essential and beneficial bacteria in the filtration system.

1 litre

Price £11.00, email info@westerleighkoi.co.uk

NT LABS - Pond Health Check

Pond Health Check

Tests three water parameters (pH, Ammonia, Nitrite), with full instructions to help diagnose and treat sickness in pond fish, optimum levels and suggestions for correction.

Price £17.00, email info@westerleighkoi.co.uk

NT LABS - Pondlab Nitrite

Nitrite test kit - 40 tests

Nitrite is produced by the beneficial bacteria in the pond and filters as they break down the harmful waste ammonia excreted by the fish. Nitrite can affect the health of fish but is now as toxic as ammonia.

Price £6.00, email info@westerleighkoi.co.uk

NT LABS - Magiclear

Clears Green and Cloudy Water

Safely removes suspended solids from pond water leaving the water crystal clear.

500ml - treats 2000 gallons

Price £11.00, email info@westerleighkoi.co.uk

NT LABS - Flukasol

Flukasol is an easy to use liquid suspension of Flubendazole

Effective treatment for skin and gill fluke.


500ml - treats 4000 gallons

Price £18.95, email info@westerleighkoi.co.uk

Blagdon - Pond Balance (formerly Interpet)

Clear blanket weed

Safely and gradually adjust water chemistry of your pond, achieving a balance which effectively clears blanket weed.

Medium size - treats 9000 gallons

Price £32.00, email info@westerleighkoi.co.uk

Dai Suki Supermin Plus - Montmorillonite Clay

Remineralizes your pond for healthy koi, water and filters

Replaces the minerals in an enclosed sterile pond environment. Will enhance their colour and lustre. Aids digestion and the general health of your koi. 

Also adds sparkle to your water.

Price £20 for a 4kg tub, email info@westerleighkoi.co.uk


Kill Blanket Weed the natural Way

Consists of freeze dried bacteria of the four strains mentioned above combined with nutrient cereal. The bacteria consume the same food required by the Blanket Weed. The effect is quite dramatic and the Blanket Weed dies off quite quickly.  

Price £21.00, email info@westerleighkoi.co.uk

Microbe-Lift Barley Straw Pellets +


MICROBE-LIFT BARLEY STRAW PELLETS+ is an environmentally responsible and cost-effective pond conditioner. It is a natural and organic way to a healthy pond environment. Reduces Blanket Weed. 4.77kg.

Treats 2500g pond for up to 6 months.

Price £32, email info@westerleighkoi.co.uk

Virkon S Aquatic

Breakthrough in prevention of KHV and SVC

Virkon S Aquatic for the biosecurity requirements of the Koi owner, where lower fish toxicity and environmental and user safety are paramount, this anti-virus and anti-bacteria product in tablet form, is a great step forward for KHV and SVC infection control and disease management in this rapidly expanding hobby.

Price on application, email info@westerleighkoi.co.uk

Chloramine T 250 grams

Reduces bacteria levels and kills parasites

Effectively reduces bacteria levels and in higher doses very effective against certain parasites such as White spot, Gyrodactylus and Costia.

Price £15.95, email info@westerleighkoi.co.uk

Acriflavine 1 litre bottle


Good mild bactericide to lower bacteria levels. Excellent to aid the the healing of ulcer, wounds, raised scales. Can be used with salt. Also effective against certain parasites and fungal infection.

Price £14 each, email info@westerleighkoi.co.uk

Weed Away - Lincolnshire Fish Health

Control for blanket weed.

One tub contains a seasons treatment.

Price £15.95, email info@westerleighkoi.co.uk

PDV Salt

25kg sacks of PDV salt.

Excellent tonic and used as a short term strong dip to kill parasites and increase mucus production. Can be used in conjunction with certain medications, but NOT formalin.

Price £12.00, email info@westerleighkoi.co.uk

IZEKI Magic Powder

A bit of Japanese magic.

Adds O2, stabilizes Ph and remineralizes.

Use in conjunction with Super Clean C and add an amazing sparkle to your water

Mix 5 grams of each in a jar with some pond water and add around your pond once a week.

Price £OUT OF STOCK, email info@westerleighkoi.co.uk

IZEKI Super Clean C

A bit of Japanese magic.

Will lower ammonia, reduce blanket weed and bring out the whites in your koi.

Use in conjunction with Magic Powder and add an amazing sparkle to your water

Mix 5 grams of each in a jar with some pond water and add around your pond once a week.

Price £OUT OF STOCK, email info@westerleighkoi.co.uk